Established in 1998, Guidance Aviation is an FAA approved helicopter flight school, charter service, and full service maintenance, repair and overhaul facility.

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About Us Why Choose GA? Flight Training.

Guidance Aviation are leaders in veteran flight training.

Our student services department is staffed largely by U.S. veterans, who will help you through the process of efficiently utilizing your G.I. Bill® benefits.

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When will I start flying?
Students start flying approximately two weeks into each semester.
What ratings will I receive through the program?
You will earn 4 ratings through this program. These ratings are: Instrument, Commercial, CFI, CFI-I

Frequently Asked Questions

Embarking on a new career can be overwhelming. Our student services staff is ready to answer any and all of your questions.

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Student Loans are now available for all your helicopter ratings.

Guidance Aviation is a leader in helicopter flight training.

The Guidance approach embraces the academic rigor of a university education coupled with academy-style training modeled after law enforcement.

We provide our incoming students a straightforward plan for degree completion with an all-inclusive cost model.

Our students are consistently able to succeed, according to schedule, meeting milestones and completing the program at a rate higher than that of other flight schools.

We’re dedicated to providing the best training in the country.

We operate a fully integrated safety management system (SMS), online training portal, mobile apps, and simulation program as we fulfill our commitment to continuous improvement. The result is a training program that produces outstanding pilots at a cost lower than other flight schools.



Guidance Aviation’s flight ops team designed an award-winning safety management system that has been fully implemented at each of our campuses.

We understand that safety is a learned behavior, and we continuously strive to maintain the safest environment for our students and employees.

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Modern Simulation

Guidance Aviation uses X-Copter helicopter flight sims, designed to exactly replicate the Robinson aircraft that our students fly.

Ground training through advanced simulation is a key component of FCRT, and allows students to maximize their flight training time and dollars.

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Computer-Based Training

We’ve developed our own course training videos and online training portal. Accessible 24-hours a day, students can learn at a time and pace of their choosing. Videos are available to students online or via our own mobile app.

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  • Being able to use simulators during instrument to cut down on my costs was a big-playing factor into making the switch.

    Kristen Stonecipher Flight Instructor at Guidance Aviation,
    Guidance Graduate & Instructor Pilot
  • It was a far better laid out program with a definitive path and finish line. Coming from the military and law enforcement worlds, I needed that structure. I just do better that way.

    Rob Ardy Pilot at Lasen,
    Guidance Graduate & Former Instructor,
    Veteran of the U.S. Airforce
  • I never thought I'd achieve my goal of flying helicopters. But, the Marine Corps showed me there’re no limits, and Guidance proved it.

    Charly Mabry Guidance Graduate & Instructor Pilot,
    Veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps
  • My experience here at Guidance showed me that it’s not about being a man or being a woman: It’s about being a helicopter pilot, and just flying helicopters.

    Cristina Gonzales Guidance Graduate
  • When I land on platforms 150 miles offshore it’s nothing new. It’s just like all the off-airport operations at Guidance Aviation, but at sea level in an aircraft with a lot more power.

    Jay Van Wagenen Era Helicopters,
    Guidance Graduate & Former Instructor

We’re proud of the work we do.


Guidance Aviation’s staff have been recognized as the best in the industry.

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