Helicopter Flight Training in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Baton Rouge Community College Aviation Program offers a Collegiate Helicopter Flight Training program in Louisiana.

The helicopter pilot training program in Baton Rouge, Louisiana specializes in off-shore helicopter operations. The Baton Rouge airport (BTR) is strategically located in the center of the busiest commercial helicopter operations in the world, the Gulf of Mexico’s oil and gas platforms. Your training here is embedded in the real world of off-shore helicopter pilots.

Students in the Baton Rouge Community College aviation program, may acquire their Associate of Applied Science (AAS), in Helicopter Pilot Operations. Graduates of this program have acquired the necessary skills and Federal Aviation Administration flight certificates to gain employment as a professional pilot in the rotorcraft industry.

Student helicopter pilots will progress through the following certificated programs and ratings:

  • Private pilot
  • Instrument pilot
  • Commercial pilot
  • Certificated flight instructor – CFI
  • Certificated flight instructor, instruments – CFI-I


Petroleum Helicopters International – PHI, Gulf Operations

“After completing my training, then instructing at Guidance Aviation for almost two years, I began flying the Bell 206L3 for PHI in the Gulf of Mexico. I have flown many different missions using the VFR aircraft – everything from the regular flights out to the oil rigs, NOAA to spot turtles and dolphins, and resupply missions for a land-based oil crew surrounded by floodwaters. My training at Guidance prepared me for working in the real world.”

Captain Matthew Mannion
Petroleum Helicopters, Inc.
Guidance Aviation Graduate and Flight Instructor

Petroleum Helicopters International – PHI, Gulf Operations

“Things in the Gulf are pretty good. I plan on becoming a PIC in the S76 and living out my career with PHI. The things I learned with Guidance Aviation have surely prepared me for PHI and flying in the commercial world. The biggest skill that I’m thankful I learned is power management. Pulling off of a 25 foot platform that’s 100 feet off the water, fully loaded on a hot, humid, summer day in a 206 without over torquing takes skill and a lot of practice. I enjoy what I’m doing and am thankful for where I came from as a pilot!”

JC Click
Guidance Aviation Graduate

ERA Helicopters

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