Jason Kidd

Jason Kidd is a Veteran of the U.S. Army. During his six years of military service, Kidd began his career in aviation as a CH-47 Chinook mechanic and worked his way up to a CH-47 Flight Engineer. While in the Army, Kidd earned his FAA certificate for Airframe and Powerplant technician (A&P). Upon his Honorable Discharge from the U.S. Army, he left Ft. Bragg and moved to Prescott, Arizona to attend Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. While attending Embry-Riddle and working as a full time General Aviation mechanic, Jason acquired his Bachelors of Science in Professional Aeronautics, with minors in Airline Management and Aeronautical Sciences, while also earning his Multi-Commercial Instrument rating and FAA Inspection Authorization (IA) in 3 years.

“I accredit my motivation to complete college and earn my certificates to my military background. I didn’t realize it while I was in, but the Army Leadership molded me into a driven individual,” says Kidd.

Upon graduation, Kidd was hired by a contracting firm for aviation accident and failure analysis investigations contracted to major aviation insurance companies. Eventually being promoted to Vice President, Kidd also fulfilled the duties of corporate pilot and fleet maintenance manager.

Completing over 150 investigation he was exposed to a side of aviation that gives great insight into maintaining safe air operations, “We had a multitude of corporate aircraft, and flying all over this country and Canada gave me real world flying experiences and appreciation for what professional pilots and maintenance technicians do on a daily basis, and how critical the “team” is to performing safe and efficient air transportation,” – remarks Kidd.

Getting hired by Guidance Helicopters in 2007, Kidd was tasked with performing Robinson Helicopter overhauls and setting up an overhaul facility. In 2009 he was promoted to Director of Maintenance and a Company Director which required management of maintenance personnel and a $9 million helicopter fleet flying over 16,000 hours per year. “The Guidance Team is a group of true aviation professionals. Working in an organization like this is what makes my position not a “job” but a rewarding career,” says Kidd.

As an aviation professional with 24 years experience and having attended multiple aviation factory courses, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University graduate, 3,100 flight hours, an Aviation Investigator, A&P, IA, Corporate Pilot, and a U.S. Army helicopter Flight Engineer, Kidd is uniquely suited for the professional positions he holds at Guidance Aviation, Prescott Wing and Rotor, and Guidance Louisiana.

Kidd’s diverse and rich aviation experience culminated in 2013 when the FAA selected him as the 2013 Maintenance Technician of the Year, Statewide – Arizona.

“I can clearly now see that God has graciously blessed and guided my life, and has given me a great team to work with at Guidance. It’s obvious that I own a great debt of gratitude to my parents, my Army mentors, my co-workers, my family and especially my wife.”