Guidance Aviation is joined by AOPA, Jeppesen, Cirrus, Sennheiser, iFlightPlanner

Prescott, AZ., September 27, 2012 – Guidance Aviation of Prescott, Arizona has recently been joined by aviation industry leaders to promote education and aviation.  The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA), Cirrus Aircraft, Jeppesen, Sennheiser and iFlightPlanner have all recently submitted their support for Think Global Flight ( ), the effort Guidance Aviation began … Continued

NEXT GEN Data Sharing Reducing Delays

by FAA.GOV NextGen technologies are providing better and more frequent data to improve collaborative decision making for the aviation industry and reduce the impact of delays on the traveling public. The enhanced data is helping to arrange aircraft so that delay notifications are whittled away and to allow airlines to use this data and decide … Continued

Alternair Amp – All Electric Light Sport Aircraft

If you love green machines, you’ll love these guys.  If you love to fly, you’ll love these guys.  If you love the thought of an airplane that runs on electric power, you’ll love to buy an airplane from Alternair. Alternair Amp, an all electric light sport aircraft manufacturer has just announced that they are starting a new … Continued

Arizona Aircraft Expo at PRC July 15

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