EAA, AOPA Petition FAA to replace Third Class Medical with Drivers License

By J. Mac McClellan, Director of Publications, EAA 747337 September 24, 2011 – EAA and AOPA jointly announced on Saturday, September 24, at AOPA Summit that the associations would petition the FAA for an exemption allowing pilots who have completed required aeromedical awareness training to fly recreationally with a driver’s license medical standard in place … Continued

China: Land of General Aviation Oppportunity?- Podcast

We’ve been hearing a lot about how China will be the next big thing in general aviation but it’s still in its infancy. AVweb‘s Paul Bertorelli spoke with Yinjie Zhang of AOPA China about the realities and the possibilities at AOPA Summit in Hartford.LISTEN TO PODCAST HERE Guidance Aviation provides high altitude helicopter and fixed … Continued

User Fees Threat Again! Important Video by AOPA President Craig Fuller

by Craig Fuller, President, AOPA VIDEO: User Fees Threat Again! Regrettably, general aviation user fees are back. They have come at the worst possible time, and they are coming in through the back door in a most challenging way. I need to say right up front, we need your help. We need every member of … Continued

AOPA works with GA Caucus to protect GPS

Guidance Aviation’s Cirrus SR20:Garmin Perspective By AOPA ePublishing staff  LightSquared’s proposed communication band network “may jam GPS receivers, disrupt GPS signals, and create ‘dead spots’ across our country,” 36 concerned members of the House General Aviation Caucus wrote to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) June 10. Read more:http://www.aopa.org/advocacy/articles/2011/110615aopa_works_with_house_ga_caucus_to_protect_gps.html Guidance Aviation’s Piper Sport:Garmin 696, Auto Pilot, … Continued

Military emphasizes high altitude performance, Helicopter sales on rise, Robinson turbine helicopter R66

Guidance Helicopters specializes in high altitude helicopter flight training and this is why the following articles caught our eye.  According to Patricia O’Connell of Rolls Royce, “The demand for military rotorcraft continues with emphasis on hot temperatures and high altitude performance.” Read full article at:  AOPA Online: Helicopter market slow to recover but here it comes, … Continued