Powerless, Helicopter Pilot Autorotates

Powerless, Helicopter Pilot Autorotates to One Knee and Finds Power Again in the Word “YES!” Ben Lewis, CFI-I, Guidance Aviation, thought he was going to surprise his girlfriend with “THE RING” in December, but The Power of Love and a small ring box with contents of pure crystallized carbon and an infinite form of gold was … Continued

High Altitude Helicopter Pilot Training: A US Marine Veteran’s Perspective

“My entire life I have been interested in aviation.  After serving eight years in the US Marines, my dream of flight became a reality when I was able to use my Post 9/11 GI Bill benefits to become a professional helicopter pilot at Guidance Aviation. But, I didn’t start with helicopters.  At first, I began flying airplanes and … Continued

Guidance Aviation Helicopter Flight Training Crew Discovers Helicopter Accident Site and Pilot, Alive

Prescott, AZ., Tuesday, November  2011 It was another beautiful day in Prescott, AZ. Tuesday, November 15 as Guidance Aviation Helicopter Instructor Pilot Trent Jefferson, CFII,  and Guidance Aviation Helicopter Flight Student Tom Armstrong preflighted their Robinson   R44 for a flight from the Prescott Municipal Airport to the Grand Canyon (GCN) Airport.  But, nothing is ever routine in aviation and Wednesday … Continued

EAA, AOPA Petition FAA to replace Third Class Medical with Drivers License

By J. Mac McClellan, Director of Publications, EAA 747337 September 24, 2011 – EAA and AOPA jointly announced on Saturday, September 24, at AOPA Summit that the associations would petition the FAA for an exemption allowing pilots who have completed required aeromedical awareness training to fly recreationally with a driver’s license medical standard in place … Continued

Guidance Aviation establishes Scholarship for Student Helicopter Pilots in Need of Financial Assistance

On August 17, 2011, the Guidance Academy Scholarship was established by Guidance Aviation of Prescott, Arizona to provide financial assistance to students in need who are enrolled in the Yavapai College Professional Pilot Program pursuing their Associate of Applied Science (AAS), Professional Pilot – Helicopters. Guidance Aviation is donating $11,000 in the month of August … Continued

FAASTeam Event, AZ Aircraft Expo July 15 and 16

The Arizona Aircraft Expo will be held on July 15th and 16th at the Prescott Municipal Airport.  Additionally, a FAASTeam Wings event will be held at PRC on July 16th. Title:  WINGS SAFETY PROGRAM – KPRC Topic:  PRC ATCT folks, PRC Airport Manager & ‘Are you smarter that a 5th grader, OOPS, I mean a … Continued

Biggest Hiring Boom in History, Now is the time to become a Pilot

“Every action has an opposite but equal reaction”, said Sir Isaac Newton in his work Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica, first published on July 5, 1687. At least, that’s the simplified version of Newton’s Third Law.   And, Sir Isaac is being proven correct again, or, at least many leaders in the aviation industry seem to believe so. Following a … Continued